Using Staged Roll Out for A/B Testing

Staged roll out is a nice feature of Google Play. With the help of staged roll out, you can distribute new release of an app gradually. When you are uploading your APK, you can choose to publish as staged roll out. Then you need to select percentage. This percentage defines the amount of users that your app will be distributed. Suppose that you entered %20, %20 of the users will get the new release. %80 of the users will still use the previous release.

If you get any crash reports for the staged roll out, you can halt the roll out. However, buggy release will remain in devices which installed it. Then you can solve the bugs, create a new APK, and resume the roll out with the new APK. If you think the bugs need some time, you can upload the previous stable release with increasing the version code. So that users who installed buggy release will get rid of it. If you think every thins is going ok with your APK, you can increase the percentage of roll out.

With the help of staged roll out, only a small amount of users suffer from bugs or crashes, and developers minimize number of bad reviews and comments.

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A/B Testing For Your Android App

You can use Google Analytics for A/B testing. After releasing a new APK,  you can compare the analytics before the new APK, and after the new APK.  In this A/B testing, your APK is distributed to all users.

Using Staged Roll Out For A/B Testing

Actually there is no A/B testing feature of Google Play Developer Console. You can upload only one APK. However, there is a workaround for this issue. You can select %50 percentage when publishing your new release as staged roll out. By this way, %50 of the users will get the new release. Then you can compare analytics of the new release and previous release. If you think new release is doing better than previous release, you can continue to roll out. If not, you can halt the roll out.


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